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The GreenDay Story

We were looking online for products that are eco friendly, healthy and high quality. We found so many shopping platforms and even more product choices. We spent much time sieving through millions of products on several platforms, all fighting for our attention with their discounted prices but of questionable quality. We did not enjoy the experience.

So we decided to build our own eco friendly marketplace since we are digital builders.

We enjoyed the thrill of playing mobile games but we also wanted to make an impact on the world. Hence, GreenDay was born out of our love of the environment, our passion for games & the desire to make an impact on the community.

We did not start building immediately. We spoke with around a hundred eco friendly brands and merchants and were inspired by their stories and journey towards sustainability. We wanted to bring out their stories in GreenDay so that our users can be similarly inspired.

GreenDay is built out of love, hope, fun and inspiration. It is the smarter way to shop for eco friendly goods. Hopefully, you can enjoy the GreenDay experience as much as we do.

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