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Frequently Asked Questions


How can GreenDay help with my business?

GreenDay is a mobile one-stop marketplace that aggregates sustainable products sold by eco-conscious & responsible merchants. Hence, we can help you grow your sales by giving an additional channel to sell your products.

What is the sustainability criteria for joining?

All new merchants should satisfy at least three of the following criteria:


  • biodegradable

  • compostable

  • carbon conscious


  • fair trade/ ethically sourced

  • responsible production

  • locally made/ sourced

  • animal cruelty free


  • preloved

  • reusable

  • upcycled/ recycled content

Non toxic

  • certified organic

  • natural based

  • vegan

Plastic Free

  • BPA free

  • PVC free


  • frustration free packaging

  • zero plastic packaging

Charity & Social Responsibility

  • charity affiliation

  • socially responsible

What is the process of onboarding?

First, please email us at or through this website contact form to express your interest. Second, our business team will reach out to verify your business & ensure your products are appropriate for our platform. Third, we will be requesting for more information such as your brand story, product details or any certifications. If all these information is present on your website, you can also direct us to it. Finally, our operations team will assist with the product upload and let you know when it is done.

How does it work after I am onboarded as a merchant?

  • Orders: After your products are visible on GreenDay, our users can make purchases via our mobile app and pay to the platform via Stripe, our payment vendor.

  • Fulfilment/ Delivery: An automated order email with customer's contact & shipping address will be sent to the merchant when an order is placed. The merchant is responsible to fulfill the order based on the order details & deliver to the customer directly.

  • Payments: GreenDay will make payments to merchants within 7 days of receiving the payment from Stripe. Typically, it takes Stripe 1 week to send us the payment. Hence, the merchant will receive payment from GreenDay around 2 weeks after the purchase is made.

  • Inventory Management: As our merchant portal is still being developed by our technology team, we are unable to provide a portal for our merchants to update stock levels at the moment. Hence, we will be updating for the merchants for the time being. If you have a stock that is sold out, please let us know so that we can suspend that product from our marketplace.

Do you sell outside of Singapore?

Currently, we can only sell to users in Singapore and Malaysia but we have plans to expand to Southeast Asia in the future.

Do you accept merchants outside of Singapore?

Yes, we do have merchants from Malaysia selling products to our users in Singapore within GreenDay. However, please note that the merchant is responsible for shipping from overseas & have to indicate the appropriate shipping fees inside the marketplace.


How does GreenDay ensure that the products are eco-friendly & sustainable in the marketplace?

  • First, we interview any merchants interested in coming onboard & we will conduct a verification on their website to ensure that their products are of high quality & sustainable.

  • Second, we will pass these merchants through our panel of experts to give us a second opinion.

  • Third, while we have not implemented yet, we will be developing a "Power to the people" feature that allows our users to report, rate & feedback on any products or merchants that might not be aligned with our mission.

Is GreenDay only on mobile app?

Currently, the marketplace is only on a mobile app that we have developed. However, we are concurrently developing a web version & also an affiliate marketing solution in order to increase our sales channels.

I would like to give feedback to GreenDay regarding my orders or my app experience. What should I do?

  • First, you can directly email us at

  • Second, you can message us through GreenConcierge on our app

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